Where is Philadelphia, MS?
Philadelphia is located in Neshoba County in the east central portion of Mississippi.

Where is City Hall/Court House located in Philadelphia?
City Hall is located at the intersection of east Main Street and Pecan Avenue. Its physical address is 525 Main Street.

How can I contact the Mayor/and or Alderman of Philadelphia?
The mayor of Philadelphia is James Young. He can be reached at City Hall: (601)-656-3612.
The Alderman of Philadelphia are:
Ward 1 -  Joe Tullos
Ward 2 -  Jim Fulton
Ward 3 -  James A. Tatum
Ward 4 -  Ms. Bobbie Jackson
Alderman-at-large -  Willie Jackson

What are the area and zip codes for Philadelphia?
The area code for Philadelphia is 601.
The zip code for Philadelphia is 39350.

What is the climate like in Philadelphia?
Philadelphia has a temperate climate with warm, humid summers and mild, dry winters.

Where is the closest major airport to Philadelphia?
The closest major airport to Philadelphia is the Meridian Regional Airport located in Meridian, MS, approximately 40 miles away.  www.meridianairport.com/

What hotels/motels are located in your area?
Our hotels/motels can be accessed through this link.

I am interested in relocating to Philadelphia. Can you direct me to more information for moving here?
We are glad you’re thinking of moving to Philadelphia! You may want to try the following websites for more information:
Neshoba County Government -  www.neshobacounty.net
Job Opportunities 

Local schools:
Neshoba Central (county school). The Neshoba County Schools are located on Golf Course Road and St. Francis Drive, just off East Main Street.   The school district consists of Neshoba Central Pre-K, Neshoba Central Elementary, Neshoba Central Middle, and Neshoba Central High School.  Dr. Lundy Brantley is the county school superintendent. His office is located in the Neshoba County Courthouse. He can be reached at 601-656-3752.

Philadelphia (city school). Presently, the Philadelphia Public Schools  consists of three schools, Philadelphia Elementary School houses pre-k through sixth grades. Philadelphia Middle School houses seventh through eighth grades and Philadelphia High School, grades ninth through twelfth. Lisa Hull is the city school superintendent. She can be reached at 601-656-2955.

Leake Academy (private school).

How do I get my City water & sewer and/or electric service turned on?
Electricity and Water (city residents)

Electricity and water for residents in the city of Philadelphia are provided by Philadelphia Utilities located at:
435 Myrtle Street

If you are renting your home or apartment, you can expect to pay a $150 deposit for electricity and a $50 deposit for water service. You should bring a rent receipt or deed and proper identification.

Electricity and Water (county residents)
County residents should contact Central Electric, located at 1045 Holland Ave., and can be contacted at 601-656-2601. If you rent your home, you should expect to pay a $100 minimum deposit, plus a $25 membership into the Central Electric Power Association and a $25 service fee up front. If you own your home, the deposit is waived, and you have to pay the $25 membership and $25 service fee.

Central Electric does not provide water service to the county. The Central Water Association, located at 915 Valley View Dr., services all county water customers. The CWA phone number is 601-656-6171, and the water cooperative’s manager is Glenn Goldman.

Renters in the Central Water Association district can expect to pay a $200 fee and should provide directions to the property, a mailing address and the name of the previous tenant, if available. If you own your own home, the fee is $100 and the same information is still needed.

Natural Gas
If you need natural gas service for your home, you need to contact CenterPoint Energy Entex, at 426 Beacon St. You can expect to pay a $75 deposit up front and a $40 connection charge on your first bill, and you will need to provide proof of residency and an identification when you pay your deposit. For any questions, call CenterPoint Energy Entex at 601-656-2931.

MaxxSouth  provides analog and digital cable to the area and has added high speed Internet and phone services. To acquire MaxxSouth service, go by their offices at 110 Canal Place. To contact  MaxxSouth, available 24/7: 800-457-5351

Garbage Disposal
The City of Philadelphia provides garbage disposal for its residents twice a week. The fee is $10 per month and is included in the utility bill. For county residents, the garbage disposal fee is $21 for three months and can be paid at the county tax collector-assessor’s office at the Neshoba County Courthouse, Suite 105.

Local Telephone service in Neshoba County is provided by AT&T. For new residential telephone service, call 1-888-757-6500. For business service, call 1-866-620-6000, 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Where can I get my Mississippi drivers license?
People who have just moved into Mississippi have 30 days to obtain a new driver’s license. If you have a valid out-of-state license, you need only to take the vision test. To receive your license, bring proof of residence and your Social Security card along with your current out-of state license. Cost is $20 cash. Neshoba Countians may obtain their licenses from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the Drivers License Center located at 289 West Beacon Street in Philadelphia.

Where do I register to vote?
Residents who have lived in Neshoba County at lease 30 days may register to vote at the circuit clerk’s office in the Neshoba County Courthouse, Suite 110. Registration may also be sent through mail to 401 East Beacon St., Suite 110.
Residents can also register at city hall, located at 525 Main St. For voter registration questions, call Patti Duncan Lee (circuit clerk) at 601-656-4781, or city hall at 601-656-3612.

How do I obtain a marriage license?
You may obtain a marriage license through the Circuit Clerks office in the courthouse.
401 Beacon Street
Philadelphia, MS 39350

How do I get a building permit?
A building permit may be obtained through the building inspector, Jay Eakes. He is located at city hall.
525 Main Street
Philadelphia, MS 39350

What is Philadelphia’s population?
The population of Philadelphia in 2011 was: 7513
The population of Neshoba County in 2011 was: 29,818

Where can I purchase a plot in the City Cemetery?
A plot for the City Cemetery may be purchased at City Hall.
525 Main Street

Where can I find city/county maps and phonebooks?
City/county maps and phonebooks can be found at the Community Development Partnership located at 256 W. Beacon St. in the historic train depot. 601-656-1000.

I have an ancestor that lived in Philadelphia. Can you help me find more information about when they lived/married/died etc.?
The city of Philadelphia holds no records pertaining to births/deaths/marriages/wills etc.

Birth and death certificates for the state of Mississippi can be obtained from:
Mississippi Department of Health 
Office of Vital Statistics

Marriage records are kept by the Neshoba County Circuit Clerk’s Office located at:
Neshoba County Courthouse – 601-656-4781
401 Beacon Street
Philadelphia, MS 39350

Divorce records are kept by the Neshoba County Chancery Clerk’s Office located at:
Neshoba County Courthouse – 601-656-3581
401 Beacon Street
Philadelphia, MS 39350

You didn’t answer my question here. Where can I get more help?
If we didn’t answer your question email it to info@neshoba.org and we’ll do our best to answer it as quickly as possible.